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Roblox Emerges as a Digital Stage for Pro-Palestinian Solidarity

Amidst heightened tensions in the Israel-Palestine conflict, those unable to participate in real-life pro-Palestinian protests are finding an alternative space

RazorGamerStaff RazorGamerStaff

Among Us Unveils The Fungle Map

Dive into Among Us' latest map, 'The Fungle'. Navigate jungles, uncover tasks, and outsmart imposters. Updated gameplay, more suspense!

RazorGamerStaff RazorGamerStaff

“Palia MMO Prepares for Open Beta Release in August”

Cozy MMO Palia is gearing up for its open beta in August. After undergoing smaller closed beta tests, the game

RazorGamerStaff RazorGamerStaff

Google Play Takes a Quantum Leap: Blockchain Technology Given the Green Light

Google's Android allows blockchain support for apps on Google Play. Android has joined the acceptance of blockchain like Apple.

RazorGamerStaff RazorGamerStaff

Among Us Unveils New Features: Refined Chat and Ghostface’s Comeback

Among Us players rejoice! The popular social deduction game has just received an exciting update that brings improvements to its

RazorGamerStaff RazorGamerStaff

Gaming’s Odyssey: From Pixel Pioneers to Virtual Visionaries

From the simple joys of Pong to the mind-bending possibilities of virtual reality, the evolution of gaming has been nothing

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