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Overwatch 2’s Stealth Update: The Unexpected Rise of Symmetra

An undisclosed Overwatch 2 patch note contains a surprising change that brings about a Symmetra's Secret Buff.

RazorGamerStaff RazorGamerStaff

Vampire Survivors’ Multiplayer: All You Need to Know About

Fans of Vampire Survivors have been eagerly awaiting the release of the co-op mode, and today, developer poncle has provided

RazorGamerStaff RazorGamerStaff

Xbox Witnesses Revival of Iconic Call of Duty Titles with Flourishing Player Bases

A wave of nostalgia is sweeping through Xbox as old Call of Duty games (Black Ops 1 and MW2) experience

RazorGamerStaff RazorGamerStaff

Microsoft’s Answer to Voice Chat Toxicity on Xbox

Microsoft is taking further steps to address toxicity in multiplayer Xbox games with the introduction of a new feature.

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Microsoft and Sony Shake Hands: The Future of Call of Duty on PlayStation

FMicrosof has now reached a significant agreement with Sony to ensure that the beloved Call of Duty franchise remains available

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Call of Duty 2023: A Fresh Chapter or Modern Warfare 3? Here’s the Lowdown

Call of Duty 2023, new reports indicate that Activision has changed course and will, in fact, launch a brand new

RazorGamerStaff RazorGamerStaff